Don’t forget to vote! Tuesday, November 6, is Election Day. Monday, October 22 is the last day to register to vote in that election. Click here for information. As a reminder, to allow folks to vote, SDORC’s November meeting is postponed until Tuesday, November 13.

SDORC has compiled a list of OHV-friendly candidates as well as positions on certain ballot measures. You may scratch your head at some of our choices, like Senator Feinstein. While she is not as OHV-friendly as we would like, she is better in that regard than her opponent, Kevin de Leon. The main goal is to help elect candidates who are OHV-friendly and to support issues that could also impact us in our daily lives.

Three candidates who have been particularly supportive of OHV recreation and have gone out of their way to help us are Brian Jones, Duncan Hunter and Joel Anderson.

Recommendations are:

Governor of California: John Cox

Lt. Governor: Ed Hernandez

Secretary of State: Mark Meuser

State Controller: Konstantino Roditis

Treasurer: Greg Conlon

Attorney General: Steven Bailey

California State Board of Equalization District 4: Joel Anderson

US Senator: Dianne Feinstein

US Representatives

49th. Dist.: Dianne Harkey

50th. Dist.: Duncan Hunter

51st. Dist.: Juan Hidalgo

52nd. Dist.: Omar Qudrat

53rd. Dist.: Morgan Murtaugh

California State Senate

36th Dist.: Patricia Bates

38th. Dist.: Brian Jones

40th. Dist.: Luis Vargas

California State Assembly

71st Dist.: Randy Voepel

75th Dist.: Marie Waldron

76th. Dist.: No Recommendations

77th. Dist.: Brian Maienschein

78th. Dist.: Maggie Campbell

79th. Dist.: John Moore

80th. Dist.: Lincoln Pickard

Lakeside Union School District: Andrew Hayes


5: YES, Helps protect proposition 13 and continues a tax transfer when buying a home in a new area; is a benefit to older homeowners when moving.

6: YES, The state admitted earlier this year that it has a $9 billion dollar surplus. The gas tax is not needed or justified and they have raped the OHV fund for years without returning those funds, providing new areas or improving existing OHV areas.

12: NO, The farmers, ranchers, dairies and other livestock businesses already operate under some of the most stringent and restrictive regulations in the nation. Further regulation could very well increase the cost of the food on your table or worse yet drive them out of business, in which case we would have to rely on costlier out of state or even foreign suppliers with no guarantee of food safety or supply.