September 14, 2016—Los Exploradores Search and Rescue (LESAR) has generously consented to provide medical services for the SDORC Fun Run in November. LESAR is a nonprofit 501(c) medical organization based out of San Diego, CA that has been providing medical assistance to AMA District 38 racers, visitors of Superstition, and Plaster City OHV since the 1970’s. LESAR consists of volunteers from different scopes of the medical field including Basic First Aid / CPR / AED, First Responder, EMT, Paramedic and RN’s. They work closely with El Centro’s BLM Rangers, Imperial Valley Fire, Imperial Valley Sheriff, Gold Cross Ambulance and REACH Medical to ensure they provide the highest level of patient care to all OHV park visitors. They enjoy volunteering their time and medical skills to help keep the desert safe.

In September 2013 they expanded their Volunteer Support Search and Rescue Services by extending their deployment hours to include two-day weekends (volunteer resources permitting), coinciding with the AMA District 38 race schedule. In addition, LESAR volunteers also visit the OHV parks on non-race weekends, providing mobile patrols to increase the safety of park visitors. All of these services are possible by generous contributions of numerous volunteer’s time and energy, as well as through financial/supplies/skilled labor donations from individuals, clubs and private businesses. See their website at