Mission Statement

The Mission of the San Diego Off-Road Coalition (SDORC) is to further off-roading as a safe family experience while promoting and preserving the natural environment.

 To Achieve Our Goals

  • SDORC works with elected representatives, land managers, government agencies and interested individuals to promote a safe and responsible off-roading experience.
  • SDORC is currently working with local community planning groups, county and state officials, and other Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) organizations to create new OHV trails and recreation areas in the county.


SDORC is working on a number of issues on behalf of the OHV community including:

  1. Instrumental in preventing the Imperial San Dunes from being included in the Desert Protection Act that closed seven million acres in the Southern California area
  2. Instrumental in construction of the Kids ATV training tracks at Ocotillo Wells and Corral Canyon
  3. Instrumental in the acquisition of Truckhaven/Freeman property in Ocotillo Well SVRA
  4. Played a key role in the Board of Supervisors’ vote to continue the off-road trail system study, providing thousands of signatures in support of the trail system
  5. Adopted a two-mile section of I-8 near Corral Canyon under the “Adopt-a-Highway” program
  6. ISDRA UDG desert clean-up
  7. Led protest against closure of Coyote Canyon; submitted hundreds of letters in opposition
  8. Groomed trails in Corral Canyon and Wildomar OHV areas
  9. Members have served on state, county, and local committees protecting OHV opportunities
  10. Members have testified before Federal Hearings in Washington, DC, State Commissions, BLM Hearings, National Forest Service Conference in Washington, DC, California Air Resource Board, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

 Together Everyone Achieves More

There have always been, and will always be, threats from many directions to the pursuit of our chosen lifestyle. Currently we are fighting to prevent loss of riding opportunities due to the Endangered Species Act, the Multiple Species Conservation Program, and environmental extremist agendas. The off-highway community MUST become as well organized as its opponents.

SDORC is involved in projects that will benefit the users of all types of off-highway vehicles; projects such as the county-wide multiple use trail plan. SDORC has been instrumental in bringing large amounts of “green sticker” money into San Diego County and continues to work closely with all local, state, and federal agencies dealing with off-highway vehicle recreation.

The Coalition’s board members and chairpersons are volunteers who incur many expenses while performing their duties. Traveling to meetings, long distance phone bills, stationary, postage, copying expenses, etc. add up and are important to the work being done. SDORC’s only forms of funding are donations, fundraisers, and memberships. Your membership and volunteer efforts will help us continue.

How You Can Help

Of course, you can join SDORC! You can also join our electronic mailing list to find out about meetings, trail cleanups, and other events. (See links on our home page for joining). Finally, and most importantly, you can check these web pages often, stay informed, and get involved! Writing letters and attending meetings may sound boring, but if we don’t make our voice heard, our choice of recreation will continue to be attacked!