The world of California off-road politics has slowed down quite a bit lately. That is good for us, as most news in our world is bad news. There is a little action in Sacramento. There are two bills we strongly oppose this year, SB799 and AB1512. In a surprise move, the author of SB799, Glasier, withdrew his bill. This means it will no longer be considered this year. We are in the first year of a two-year legislative cycle, so it is possible this bill will come back next year. If it does, it will surface at the same place it is now, that is, it will have passed its house of origin (Senate) and will head to the Assembly. Why did this take place? It is likely that the proponents of closing half of Carnegie SVRA are putting their eggs in the basket of AB1512 (Rebecca Bauer-Kahan). I don’t know if one author is better than the other, but Rebecca Bauer-Kahan received a perfect report card from the Sierra Club last year. The two bills we support, AB232 and SB227 are out of the houses of origin and will be heard in committees in the other houses soon.

We believe strongly in area cleanups because they help our areas and send a strong message to land managers that area users care about the areas. The easiest way to manage an area is when it is closed… something we never want. So, we sponsor and partner in cleanups. We are talking about cleaning Otay Mountain Truck Trail this September. We have seen trash along the trail and shooter trash on the east side. At our Lost Lizard Fun Run, we do a cleanup. We also have cleanups at Painted Gorge and trail trimming and cleaning at Corral Canyon. Both of these may take place this winter. Details will be released as soon as we know.

Lost Lizard
Our big fundraiser is the Lost Lizard Fun Run and will be this November 13 at the end of Wheeler Road by Superstition Mountain again. This is a very fun event for both beginners as well as experienced off-roaders. We have five checkpoints and each has a playing card for you as well as a game to win raffle tickets. Best five card stud poker hand wins a prize, as well as second best and worst hands. Chris Boyer from the DSC morning radio show on KGB 101.5 will announce the raffle prizes. We have a fun route planned, great prizes and a friendly vibe in the desert. Pre-registration is now open on sdorc.org and we have a had a number of entries already. Pre entry saves you money, gets you a t-shirt and saves time at the event. At signup you just give us your name and we hand you your bag.

We still have our radio show on KCBQ AM 1170 at noon on Sundays. You can also hear older shows here. We talk about off-road politics, racing and general off-roading topics. If you would like to sponsor some shows, let us know at [email protected] and we will get you set up.