The 16th Lost Lizard Fun Run is history and it was a fun one. Lots of happy participants, fun checkpoints and a great raffle made this another successful event. We started marking the route and setting up base camp on Thursday and by Friday I was full of stress. The flatbed trailer we were going to use as the stage canceled, the registration tent came without sides or back and the route still needed work. By Saturday all the problems were sorted out and everyone had a great time. Two people had five-of-a-kind poker hands. Lots of happy people won cool raffle prizes. The t-shirts are great and I love my Lost Lizard hoodie. A great big thank you to Audrey, Amy and Rob for leading the charge. Thanks to KGB 101.5 FM DSC’s Chris Boyer for again serving as MC during the raffle. Thanks to LESAR Rescue for emergency services (that we thankfully didn’t need). Thanks to KJ, Rick, Doug, Marc, Krista, John, Jeff, Diane, Pam, Kelly, Jean, Ainley, Renee, Robin, Ashland, Austin, Kathleen, all the checkpoint people and anyone else who helped that I forgot. Imperial Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram was our title sponsor and they brought a number of beautiful vehicles out for us to see. They are a good dealer and will treat you well. We are already starting on next year’s run, so plan on joining us.

While I was out by Superstition, I rode the border of the bombing range to see how the new fence looks. The good news is it was placed a ways into the bombing range, like a couple hundred yards in places. The bad news is that it is difficult to see, especially at night. The Navy promised to put reflectors on the fence. While they did, they did not put anywhere near enough. The reflectors are spaced one every 54 feet and they are very small. I have contacted the Navy to see what can be done and we will be working on a better solution.
The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame had their annual gala to induct their new members. This is where stars and legends are walking around and are happy to say hi and pose for a selfie with you. I was pleased to attend and sit with Kathy Lynch, Bob Ham, Jim Bramham and Bryan Henry. They also give awards called Impact Awards in a variety of categories. One category is for Advocacy and I am happy to report that our lobbyist, Kathy Lynch, won the award! (Big round of applause.) Kathy did some cool things legislatively this year and we are super proud to have her on our team. In the next month or two we will outline our legislative agenda for 2022.

A few months ago, I wrote about a trail I couldn’t find in Big Bear, 2N25Y near Lake Arrowhead. I have a friend who has a place up there, so I asked him if he would go have a look. He said he found the trail and described the location south of where the software showed me it was. I am relieved the route is there and open, but puzzled that it was so far from where the software put it. I have found the software to be pretty accurate otherwise (CTUC map apps) and plan to investigate, maybe in the spring.

I attended a trail working day in Corral Canyon recently. While there were not that many attendees, some serious brush trimming took place. I ran into Mimi Selly, new president of San Diego Adventure Riders. We talked about doing an event together and we will let you know if it works out. CORVA’s 50th anniversary party is November 20 at Slash X Ranch Cafe between Barstow and Lucerne, right on the edge of Stoddard Wells OHV area. A fun place to have a meal. Friends of Ocotillo Wells is having a meeting Dec 4 at the ranger station. Imperial Sand Dunes Cleanup is happening January 15, brought to you by SDORC, ASA, CORVA and some other groups. January 22 is CORVA’s Truckhaven Challenge in north Ocotillo Wells, and Feb 26 is our Painted Gorge Cleanup. For details on any of these events, look at our website or email us at [email protected].

SDORC is a membership organization, so go to and join for as little as $25/year. Listen to us on Dirt Talk Radio Sundays at 12:00 noon on KCBQ am 1170. Listen to our old shows on our website commercial-free, and join our email list to get land use updates and information on events.

See you in the desert,
Ed Stovin