President’s Message

21 May, 2024

May Update


Idaho Plan Comments
Last month you saw our comments to the Idaho BLM Grand View Travel Management Plan. Our comments were unusually harsh but justified given […]

May Update2024-05-21T14:29:16-07:00
20 April, 2024

April Update


We first heard about a proposed National Monument, called Chuckwalla National Monument, in the California desert last December. This proposal would go from east of […]

April Update2024-05-07T06:32:36-07:00
19 March, 2024

March Update


The California bill introduction deadline has passed and all the bills for the year are available for the legislature and public to see. I met […]

March Update2024-03-19T17:19:45-07:00
29 February, 2024

February Update


General Plans
Every National Forest, BLM area and State Vehicular Recreation Area operates under general plans. These plans have everything to do with what we can […]

February Update2024-02-29T06:09:30-08:00
24 January, 2024

January Update


Lobbyist and Bills
Because our lobbyist is new to off-road vehicles, we recently had a call to explain what types of bills we are looking for. […]

January Update2024-01-24T06:00:23-08:00
13 December, 2023

December Update


I’m back from my cross-country ride on the Trans America Trail. I can tell you it’s worth doing if you like traveling by motorcycle. I […]

December Update2023-12-13T15:45:47-08:00
9 September, 2023

September Update


I recently retired…
…from my full-time job and am about to leave for a long trip. It’s called the Trans America Trail, and I am heading […]

September Update2023-09-09T16:54:37-07:00
19 August, 2023

August Update


Oceano Dunes
Last month we saw that Friends of Oceano Dunes won their lawsuit against the California Coastal Commission, who voted to end off-road vehicle use […]

August Update2023-08-19T11:22:40-07:00
18 July, 2023

July Update



Our Jamboree at Lakeside Rodeo Grounds was a big success. We sold out of vender spaces several weeks before the event and had to turn […]

July Update2023-07-18T08:03:02-07:00
16 June, 2023

June Update


Federal Bill S.873
S.873, America’s Outdoor Recreation Act of 2023, was introduced last March by Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The bill discusses a wide […]

June Update2023-06-16T07:52:00-07:00
13 May, 2023

May Update


SDORC is having an off-road jamboree this June 24 at Lakeside Rodeo Grounds. So far we have 42 vendors signed up, 8 nonprofits and clubs, […]

May Update2023-05-13T06:53:21-07:00
20 April, 2023

April Update


End of Gas Off-Road Vehicles
A few people have recently asked me about Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-79-20, because in the order it states that “It […]

April Update2023-04-20T16:24:11-07:00
19 March, 2023

March update


Our big announcement is SDORC will hold a fundraising BBQ at Lakeside Rodeo on June 24. We are planning a raffle, auction, music, interesting […]

March update2023-03-19T12:22:20-07:00
15 December, 2022

December Update


SDORC helped put on two recent OHV area improvement days recently. A week after Thanksgiving, we put on a cleanup in north Ocotillo Wells SVRA […]

December Update2022-12-15T13:52:38-08:00
17 November, 2022

November Update


Lost Lizard
The 17th Lost Lizard Off-road Fun Run is now complete and a great time was had by all. I have been a part of […]

November Update2022-12-15T13:15:42-08:00
21 August, 2022

August Update


Lost Lizard Fun Run

Planning for the 17th Lost Lizard Fun Run is going full steam ahead. Online pre-entry is open and we have lots of […]

August Update2022-08-21T08:35:44-07:00
19 July, 2022

July Update


Unless you have been under a rock, you know that side-by-sides (aka UTVs) have become a huge part of off-roading lately. These vehicles are fast, […]

July Update2022-08-03T09:30:40-07:00
1 July, 2022

June Update


Dirt Rider Foundation
It’s official, the Dirt Rider Foundation is alive. Some of you may remember the group called Fight for Ocotillo Wells; well, that was […]

June Update2022-07-19T10:33:52-07:00
21 May, 2022

May Update


I just took a quick trip to Sacramento for the memorial service for our slain lobbyist, Kathy Lynch. We met at the Sutter Club close […]

May Update2022-05-21T14:43:52-07:00
14 April, 2022

April Update


It is with a heavy heart we have to tell you that our lobbyist, Kathy Lynch, and her partner Gerald Upholt were killed in late […]

April Update2022-05-21T14:36:19-07:00
22 March, 2022

March Update


Yamaha Grant
We’re happy to report that there is not so much bad news this month. Our big announcement is that Yamaha has funded our grant […]

March Update2022-03-22T06:54:53-07:00
16 February, 2022

February Update #2


CARB On Road Motorcycle Emissions
We submitted comments on the California Air Resources Board (CARB) proposal to implement new, tighter rules for on road motorcycles. I […]

February Update #22022-02-16T17:57:44-08:00
7 February, 2022

February Update


Oceano Dunes
In the ongoing battle at Oceano Dunes, there has been a positive development. Friends of Oceano Dunes filed three separate lawsuits after the California […]

February Update2022-02-07T16:59:04-08:00
17 November, 2021

November Update


The 16th Lost Lizard Fun Run is history and it was a fun one. Lots of happy participants, fun checkpoints and a great raffle made […]

November Update2021-11-17T11:24:59-08:00
20 October, 2021

October Update


This month we will be talking about trouble on Otay Mountain, our bill being signed into law, Carnegie SVRA, OHMVR Division birthday, Superstition / bombing […]

October Update2021-10-27T17:01:32-07:00
15 September, 2021

September Update


The California legislative session ended in September and every bill that had a chance had to be passed by then. We follow state bills that […]

September Update2021-09-15T13:09:33-07:00
13 August, 2021

Update to August Update


DAC meeting
The BLM Desert Advisory Council (DAC) had a meeting recently (yours truly is on the council). The all-day Zoom meeting covered some topics of […]

Update to August Update2021-08-13T07:54:57-07:00
28 July, 2021

August Update


This month we will talk about State legislation and all the events that are reappearing. Our legislative coalition is closely watching three bills right now. […]

August Update2021-07-28T07:28:18-07:00
28 July, 2021

July Update


The world of California off-road politics has slowed down quite a bit lately. That is good for us, as most news in our world is […]

July Update2021-07-28T07:32:23-07:00
18 May, 2021

June Update


Today we will look at some OHV grant applications, state bills, law suits and our own Lost Lizard Fun Run.

Lost Lizard
The Lost Lizard Fun Run […]

June Update2021-07-28T06:30:11-07:00
16 April, 2021

April Update


Anza-Borrego Camping Fees
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (ABDSP) published a survey recently asking about camping in the park and tossing out the idea that they may […]

April Update2021-04-26T06:15:10-07:00
11 February, 2021

February Update


A big showdown is coming to Pismo Beach, aka Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA). On March 18, the California Coastal Commission is expected […]

February Update2021-02-11T11:05:48-08:00
11 December, 2020

December Update


As of this writing, all the areas where San Diego residents usually off-road are open except Corral Canyon, and there is no overnight camping at […]

December Update2020-12-11T06:31:30-08:00
13 November, 2020

November Update


Hang on, because there is a lot to talk about today. There is a new lawsuit in Oceano Dunes, action by State […]

November Update2020-11-13T15:28:54-08:00
28 August, 2020

September Update


Big news at Oceano Dunes: The county supervisor who opposed off-roading in the dunes, Adam Hill, whose office was recently raided by the FBI, has […]

September Update2020-08-28T16:31:22-07:00
28 August, 2020

August Update


There is a variety of topics affecting off-roaders this month and, surprise, some are pretty good for us. Sierra National Forest is going through the […]

August Update2020-08-28T14:30:33-07:00
18 June, 2020

June Update


We had our first SDORC membership meeting since the outbreak and it was good to see those of you who attended. We meet […]

June Update2020-06-18T19:48:58-07:00
27 February, 2020

February Update


State Senator Brian Jones’ staffer recently contacted us and asked if we could take the Senator riding. Seriously, he wanted to go […]

February Update2020-02-27T05:59:17-08:00
16 November, 2019

November Update


Geothermal in Ocotillo Wells

The BLM has published an Environmental Assessment (EA) to drill up to four geothermal test wells in Ocotillo Wells. There is a […]

November Update2019-11-16T09:32:45-08:00
24 October, 2019

October Update


AB 1086

Last month I wrote about how the bill we have been fighting all year that would authorize State Parks to sell part of Carnegie […]

October Update2019-10-24T14:01:52-07:00
14 September, 2019

September Update


State legislature: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The legislature in California is in session and crazy things are happening. The good is that […]

September Update2019-09-14T08:21:43-07:00
24 July, 2019

July Update


Hang on because there is some important stuff going on in Oceano Dunes SVRA (Pismo Beach) and an announcement from the BLM. First though, some […]

July Update2019-07-24T20:34:13-07:00
4 June, 2019

June Update


Oceano Dunes (Pismo Beach) has been in the limelight lately. The only beach in California where you can legally drive on the shore (seven out […]

June Update2019-06-05T06:02:11-07:00
20 March, 2019

March Update


Two years ago a bill was introduced in California that would have grave consequences for off-roaders. Reauthorization of the state off-road program was hijacked by […]

March Update2019-03-20T06:51:36-07:00
16 December, 2018

December Update


At SDORC we helped with and looked at a lot of land use action this past year and I’d like to go over some of […]

December Update2018-12-16T17:25:15-08:00
26 July, 2018

August Update


CORVA’s Amy Granat recently went to Washington DC to testify before the Congressional Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment. Her goal was to point out […]

August Update2018-07-26T05:44:55-07:00
24 May, 2018

May Update


SDORC held its annual election at our May meeting and we have a complete board of directors: Audrey Mason as VP, Rob Smith as Treasurer, […]

May Update2018-05-24T11:27:13-07:00
16 March, 2018

March Update


February 16 was the last day new bills could be introduced in the California legislature for 2018. The next day, our lobbyist searched through the […]

March Update2018-03-16T15:41:30-07:00
16 November, 2017

November Update


Our 13th Lost Lizard Fun Run just happened and was a huge success. We had a record number of entries and more people than ever […]

November Update2017-11-16T17:52:30-08:00
1 August, 2017

August Update


The red sticker program was started in 1997 by the Air Resources Board for vehicles starting in 1998 that didn’t meet the new emissions standard […]

August Update2017-08-01T07:22:07-07:00
18 March, 2017

March Update


Last month I talked about windmills coming to McCain Valley and Lark Canyon OHV area. You might remember that a deal was made and some […]

March Update2017-03-18T14:10:19-07:00
19 December, 2016

December Update


It has been busy at SDORC, so let me fill you in. We just had our Lost Lizard Fun Run and what a success it […]

December Update2016-12-23T07:47:49-08:00
11 June, 2015

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June 11, 2015—SDORC is an organization that works to keep land open for off-road vehicle use and advocates for off-roading. We have developed relationships with […]

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