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9 September, 2023

September Update


I recently retired…
…from my full-time job and am about to leave for a long trip. It’s called the Trans America Trail, and I am heading […]

September Update2023-09-09T16:54:37-07:00
19 August, 2023

August Update


Oceano Dunes
Last month we saw that Friends of Oceano Dunes won their lawsuit against the California Coastal Commission, who voted to end off-road vehicle use […]

August Update2023-08-19T11:22:40-07:00
18 July, 2023

July Update



Our Jamboree at Lakeside Rodeo Grounds was a big success. We sold out of vender spaces several weeks before the event and had to turn […]

July Update2023-07-18T08:03:02-07:00
16 June, 2023

June Update


Federal Bill S.873
S.873, America’s Outdoor Recreation Act of 2023, was introduced last March by Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The bill discusses a wide […]

June Update2023-06-16T07:52:00-07:00
13 May, 2023

May Update


SDORC is having an off-road jamboree this June 24 at Lakeside Rodeo Grounds. So far we have 42 vendors signed up, 8 nonprofits and clubs, […]

May Update2023-05-13T06:53:21-07:00
20 April, 2023

April Update


End of Gas Off-Road Vehicles
A few people have recently asked me about Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-79-20, because in the order it states that “It […]

April Update2023-04-20T16:24:11-07:00
19 March, 2023

March update


Our big announcement is SDORC will hold a fundraising BBQ at Lakeside Rodeo on June 24. We are planning a raffle, auction, music, interesting […]

March update2023-03-19T12:22:20-07:00
15 December, 2022

December Update


SDORC helped put on two recent OHV area improvement days recently. A week after Thanksgiving, we put on a cleanup in north Ocotillo Wells SVRA […]

December Update2022-12-15T13:52:38-08:00
17 November, 2022

November Update


Lost Lizard
The 17th Lost Lizard Off-road Fun Run is now complete and a great time was had by all. I have been a part of […]

November Update2022-12-15T13:15:42-08:00
21 August, 2022

August Update


Lost Lizard Fun Run

Planning for the 17th Lost Lizard Fun Run is going full steam ahead. Online pre-entry is open and we have lots of […]

August Update2022-08-21T08:35:44-07:00
19 July, 2022

July Update


Unless you have been under a rock, you know that side-by-sides (aka UTVs) have become a huge part of off-roading lately. These vehicles are fast, […]

July Update2022-08-03T09:30:40-07:00
1 July, 2022

June Update


Dirt Rider Foundation
It’s official, the Dirt Rider Foundation is alive. Some of you may remember the group called Fight for Ocotillo Wells; well, that was […]

June Update2022-07-19T10:33:52-07:00
21 May, 2022

May Update


I just took a quick trip to Sacramento for the memorial service for our slain lobbyist, Kathy Lynch. We met at the Sutter Club close […]

May Update2022-05-21T14:43:52-07:00
14 April, 2022

April Update


It is with a heavy heart we have to tell you that our lobbyist, Kathy Lynch, and her partner Gerald Upholt were killed in late […]

April Update2022-05-21T14:36:19-07:00
22 March, 2022

March Update


Yamaha Grant
We’re happy to report that there is not so much bad news this month. Our big announcement is that Yamaha has funded our grant […]

March Update2022-03-22T06:54:53-07:00
16 February, 2022

February Update #2


CARB On Road Motorcycle Emissions
We submitted comments on the California Air Resources Board (CARB) proposal to implement new, tighter rules for on road motorcycles. I […]

February Update #22022-02-16T17:57:44-08:00
7 February, 2022

February Update


Oceano Dunes
In the ongoing battle at Oceano Dunes, there has been a positive development. Friends of Oceano Dunes filed three separate lawsuits after the California […]

February Update2022-02-07T16:59:04-08:00
17 November, 2021

November Update


The 16th Lost Lizard Fun Run is history and it was a fun one. Lots of happy participants, fun checkpoints and a great raffle made […]

November Update2021-11-17T11:24:59-08:00
20 October, 2021

October Update


This month we will be talking about trouble on Otay Mountain, our bill being signed into law, Carnegie SVRA, OHMVR Division birthday, Superstition / bombing […]

October Update2021-10-27T17:01:32-07:00
15 September, 2021

September Update


The California legislative session ended in September and every bill that had a chance had to be passed by then. We follow state bills that […]

September Update2021-09-15T13:09:33-07:00
13 August, 2021

Update to August Update


DAC meeting
The BLM Desert Advisory Council (DAC) had a meeting recently (yours truly is on the council). The all-day Zoom meeting covered some topics of […]

Update to August Update2021-08-13T07:54:57-07:00
28 July, 2021

August Update


This month we will talk about State legislation and all the events that are reappearing. Our legislative coalition is closely watching three bills right now. […]

August Update2021-07-28T07:28:18-07:00
28 July, 2021

July Update


The world of California off-road politics has slowed down quite a bit lately. That is good for us, as most news in our world is […]

July Update2021-07-28T07:32:23-07:00
18 May, 2021

June Update


Today we will look at some OHV grant applications, state bills, law suits and our own Lost Lizard Fun Run.

Lost Lizard
The Lost Lizard Fun Run […]

June Update2021-07-28T06:30:11-07:00
16 April, 2021

April Update


Anza-Borrego Camping Fees
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (ABDSP) published a survey recently asking about camping in the park and tossing out the idea that they may […]

April Update2021-04-26T06:15:10-07:00
11 February, 2021

February Update


A big showdown is coming to Pismo Beach, aka Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA). On March 18, the California Coastal Commission is expected […]

February Update2021-02-11T11:05:48-08:00
11 December, 2020

December Update


As of this writing, all the areas where San Diego residents usually off-road are open except Corral Canyon, and there is no overnight camping at […]

December Update2020-12-11T06:31:30-08:00
13 November, 2020

November Update


Hang on, because there is a lot to talk about today. There is a new lawsuit in Oceano Dunes, action by State […]

November Update2020-11-13T15:28:54-08:00
28 August, 2020

September Update


Big news at Oceano Dunes: The county supervisor who opposed off-roading in the dunes, Adam Hill, whose office was recently raided by the FBI, has […]

September Update2020-08-28T16:31:22-07:00
28 August, 2020

August Update


There is a variety of topics affecting off-roaders this month and, surprise, some are pretty good for us. Sierra National Forest is going through the […]

August Update2020-08-28T14:30:33-07:00
18 June, 2020

June Update


We had our first SDORC membership meeting since the outbreak and it was good to see those of you who attended. We meet […]

June Update2020-06-18T19:48:58-07:00
27 February, 2020

February Update


State Senator Brian Jones’ staffer recently contacted us and asked if we could take the Senator riding. Seriously, he wanted to go […]

February Update2020-02-27T05:59:17-08:00
16 November, 2019

November Update


Geothermal in Ocotillo Wells

The BLM has published an Environmental Assessment (EA) to drill up to four geothermal test wells in Ocotillo Wells. There is a […]

November Update2019-11-16T09:32:45-08:00
24 October, 2019

October Update


AB 1086

Last month I wrote about how the bill we have been fighting all year that would authorize State Parks to sell part of Carnegie […]

October Update2019-10-24T14:01:52-07:00
14 September, 2019

September Update


State legislature: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The legislature in California is in session and crazy things are happening. The good is that […]

September Update2019-09-14T08:21:43-07:00
24 July, 2019

July Update


Hang on because there is some important stuff going on in Oceano Dunes SVRA (Pismo Beach) and an announcement from the BLM. First though, some […]

July Update2019-07-24T20:34:13-07:00
4 June, 2019

June Update


Oceano Dunes (Pismo Beach) has been in the limelight lately. The only beach in California where you can legally drive on the shore (seven out […]

June Update2019-06-05T06:02:11-07:00
20 March, 2019

March Update


Two years ago a bill was introduced in California that would have grave consequences for off-roaders. Reauthorization of the state off-road program was hijacked by […]

March Update2019-03-20T06:51:36-07:00
16 December, 2018

December Update


At SDORC we helped with and looked at a lot of land use action this past year and I’d like to go over some of […]

December Update2018-12-16T17:25:15-08:00
26 July, 2018

August Update


CORVA’s Amy Granat recently went to Washington DC to testify before the Congressional Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment. Her goal was to point out […]

August Update2018-07-26T05:44:55-07:00
24 May, 2018

May Update


SDORC held its annual election at our May meeting and we have a complete board of directors: Audrey Mason as VP, Rob Smith as Treasurer, […]

May Update2018-05-24T11:27:13-07:00
16 March, 2018

March Update


February 16 was the last day new bills could be introduced in the California legislature for 2018. The next day, our lobbyist searched through the […]

March Update2018-03-16T15:41:30-07:00
16 November, 2017

November Update


Our 13th Lost Lizard Fun Run just happened and was a huge success. We had a record number of entries and more people than ever […]

November Update2017-11-16T17:52:30-08:00
1 August, 2017

August Update


The red sticker program was started in 1997 by the Air Resources Board for vehicles starting in 1998 that didn’t meet the new emissions standard […]

August Update2017-08-01T07:22:07-07:00
18 March, 2017

March Update


Last month I talked about windmills coming to McCain Valley and Lark Canyon OHV area. You might remember that a deal was made and some […]

March Update2017-03-18T14:10:19-07:00
19 December, 2016

December Update


It has been busy at SDORC, so let me fill you in. We just had our Lost Lizard Fun Run and what a success it […]

December Update2016-12-23T07:47:49-08:00
11 June, 2015

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June 11, 2015—SDORC is an organization that works to keep land open for off-road vehicle use and advocates for off-roading. We have developed relationships with […]

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